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“To produce great cosmetic results for our clients, dentists need to have a good relationship with their laboratory and dental technicians. For over 30 years now I have used Prosthetic Processes with great results for my clients."  Read more.

- H J Stephen, B.D.S.

Turnaround Times


Denture Department
Vitallium/Chrome 10 days
Valplast 5 days
Biteblock/Special Tray 2 days
Partial Upper Or Lower (set up with teeth) 3 days
Partial Upper Or Lower (finish) 3 days
Implant Stent 3 days
Suckdown Temporary Bridge/Crown 3 days
Orthodontic Appliance 5 days
PBI Splint (MCI) 5 days
Bitesoft Splint 5 days
Michigan Bite Splint 5 days
Reline Full Upper Or Lower (Heat Processed) 2 days
Repair Or Addition Of Partial/Fracture 1 day
Bleaching Trays 3 days
Mouth Guards 4 days
Snore Appliance 5 days
Crown & Bridge Department
PFM 7 days
PFM Bridges 9 days
Posts 3 days
Gold Crowns/Inlays 7 days
Pressed Ceramic (E-Max) 7 days
Procera - Zirconium/Alumina 12 days
Lava Crowns/Bridges 8 days
Implant Abutments/Crowns 14 days
PIB (Procera Implant Bridge) 15 days

  • Please note these are full working days.
  • Priority work can be completed by arrangement.  Surcharges and urgent courier fees may apply.



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