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Shade Taking

Shade Taking


General Points

It is important that shades are taken:

  • In daylight.
  • Before tooth preparation.
  • On a dried but slightly moist tooth.
  • After bleaching (if this is required).
  • On a clean tooth (if a tooth has abnormal surface staining or discoloration a scale and polish may be necessary).

Shade Guides

Probably the best known and longest used shade guide is the Vita Lumin Vacuum Guide which has been around for many years. It is broken down into four main colour groups:

A - Redish,Warm
B - Gold/Yellowish
C - Grayish
D - Brownish

Vita Linear 3D Master
is a refinement and simplification of the original 3D Master Shade Guide.

With this guide you start by selecting the basic shade from 5 shade tabs. Once you’ve chosen the closest shade each one breaks down into a selection of shades in that group. We recommend this guide for its simplicity, ease of use and good range of shades beyond the range of the original Vita Lumin Guide.


Digital Photography

We use this ourselves as part of our shade taking process for patients and find this an invaluable tool. 

It is particularly helpful in showing characterisation of teeth, as well as giving a shade reference when the photo is taken by placing the shade guide next to the tooth/teeth to be prepped.

Photos can easily be emailed to us, or sent with the job in a memory stick.

Need help choosing a suitable camera?  We can offer a competitively priced package including camera, ring flash and printer.  Contact us for further information



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